Top Travel Cosmetics For Airplane

Top Travel Cosmetics for Airplane

Long haul or frequent flights can really take on your nerves. And when you come out on the other side you are a mess. Your face is drained of all color, your hair is messy, your skin feels dry, your lips are parched and all you want to do is head straight into a shower and spend the remaining day sleeping. But sometimes after getting off the flight the next thing in your schedule is not a day of rest, you have some important appointments or tasks that you need to tackle first, in that case you have to make sure you have prepped yourself in the airplane. Now, airplanes don’t allow you to take all kinds of makeup in all kinds of quantity in your hand carry. And also what works for you on the land might not work in the air. So, this little guide will help you with some travel makeup essentials.

Makeup Wipes: If you are wearing a tad bit makeup when you get on the plane and you have a long flight ahead, a good step is to take off all your makeup. Makeup can further dry your skin in the plane air and won’t look fresh when you get off. Keep some makeup wipes in your travel bag. Sephora Bear Naked Wipes help remove all traces of makeup and gently cleanse the skin. Even if you are not wearing makeup, they help freshen you up. After you are done wiping, slather some moisturizer on.

Hydration: During the flight if you feel tired and itchy because of the air above, Evian Mineral Water Spray is a great skin hydrator. It helps replace moisture while renewing your skin. This facial spray is also available in travel sizes. So you don’t need to worry about keeping your hand luggage. You can even make it a part off your regular skin regime.

Moisturized Lips: For the lips, nothing works better than a tinted lip balm. Not only will it keep your lips moisturized all throughout the journey but when you finally get off you will already have a glossy color on your lips. You won’t even need to apply additional lipstick. Choose a super tinted lip balm instead of a sheer one like the Korres Lip Butters. The shade Wild Rose is a gorgeous tint of red. The lip butter itself leaves lips kissably soft.

Tinted Moisturizer: When it is finally time for your plane to descend you can move on to gloss up your look. On a flight, sometimes doing a full makeup becomes a nuisance. But if you have some tips and tricks up your sleeve you can effortlessly doll yourself up and look as if you spent ages on your makeup. Always keep a travel sized tinted moisturizer with you. Tarte BB Tinted Moisturizer is water-based, very lightweight and blends into the skin like a dream. You don’t even need a brush for it. Just use your fingers to apply all over. It gives beautiful natural coverage and keeps your skin hydrated. It also contains SPF 30.

Glow: To add some glow to your face, use the Lancome Star Bronzer which comes with a rotating brush. This won’t take much space in your luggage and the attached brush is quite handy. Warm up your cheeks with this and you can also add it to your eyelids with your finger to give them some definition. You can keep a blush with you if you want to, but you won’t require it. If you do opt for a blush too, pick a cream one, as it is more hydrating. Check out Bobbi Brown’s Pot Rouge for cheeks and lips!

Mascara: And in the end all you need to complete your sophisticated look is a touch of mascara that does not smudge. Benefit They Are Real Mascara comes in a tiny travel size, which is again awesome for flights and short trips. Just apply a couple of coats to your lashes and you are done.

Now sling your handbag on your arm, get off the flight and act as if you had the most tireless journey ever.