Skin Care: Snail White Cream Review

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Today I would like to share my recent skin care obsession, the Snail White Cream! I discovered the Snail White Cream from a YouTube makeup guru Bren Lui in Hong Kong when re-watching one of her old videos. She has been using the product for years and she has amazing skin. I believe good skin comes from healthy lifestyle such as diet and fitness but it doesn’t hurt to try this cream. Snail White Cream is manufactured and originated from Thailand and is currently Thailand’s best selling cream. The cream consisted of many natural ingredients such as ginger extracts, snail secretion, lavender extracts and many more. The cream is currently not sold in the US but I got mine from eBay.

The cream has a pleasant ginger smell that is not overpowering. The cream’s consistency was gel-like thus very easy for the skin for absorbed. Also, as someone with combination skin that steers clear of most moisturizers in the market, this cream is hydrating without causing any breakout. However for individuals with dry-skin, I recommend using an additional moisturizer after using this cream.

Now unto the results of using this cream every night religiously and occasionally during the day too for one month, two words, faded scars or evened skin tone. First and foremost, here are the benefits listed on the products official website and marketing:

  1. Help repair skin wounds heal faster. Including scars, especially acne redness. The skin from sun damage.
  2. Removal of skin / soft copy scurf (with AHA is one component).
  3. Help reduce stretch marks when in contact with pregnant people lose weight.
  4. Stimulates the protein surface. The wrinkles shallower Eliminate skin imperfections and increase the efficiency of new skin cells.
  5. The repair and allows the skin to produce the effect of stopping the growth of bacteria.
  6. Help the skin to retain water. To moisturize and tighten skin. The skin soft and smooth. The surface properties in the clash against sun light as well.

After using this product for one month, I can most definitely attest to number 1, my acne scars from my teenage years are lighter than before and the overall evenness in skin tone is evident. I have not worn foundation in the three weeks, just concealer because the redness from acne and scars has faded about 2 weeks into using this product. I have two sunspots underneath my right eye that are significantly lighter and acne scars from my cheeks that are not as visible as it once were.

As for number #2 to #5, I am not sure because I don’t have stretch marks or wrinkles yet to test this product on. However with #6, I did mentioned above that it was hydrating enough as a moisturizer for me but for my ladies out there with dry skin, treat this like a hydrating serum instead of a solo moisturizer.

Final Verdict

Would I repurchase? - Yes! Already stocked up two more bottles.

Results - 4/5 (Comment below if you would like to see an updated blog post after using the cream for 3 months)

Price - 3/5 (Note: Some eBay Sellers listings are more expensive than others, so do your due diligence. Also, see pictures below on identifying real Snail White Creams from fake ones sold online.)

Authentic Snail White Cream from Thailand

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