Futuristic Beauty for Everyone

Hello Dotties!

With the advancement in today’s technology, many big time beauty manufacturing companies are already producing beauty tools, high tech makeups, and beauty products that are truly innovative. It may come as a surprise to you, but you don’t have to go elsewhere to try and check out the latest make-up. There are now apps that you can easily download to allow you to try on a new color for your eyes and lips without having to really put it on. Amazing! As far as beauty tools and gadgets are concern, these too have undergone drastic changes and now technologically advanced more than ever.

 Your Futuristic Magic Mirror

You don’t have to sit around and wait for a beauty expert from your local department store to get your makeup done anymore. You now have the option to try the latest makeup trend at the comfort of your own home with the Make-Up Genius app. L’Oreal used a unique technology just like the one used by Brad’s Pitt movie The Curious Case of Benjamin Button, allowing Brad to change his looks magically. Once you launch the Make-Up Genius App, you can choose a shade of eye shadow and lipstick, which you can try on virtually. This app has a massive collection of looks that you can browse and try for free.

While the idea is fun and exciting,  the app still has space for improvement. When we played around with the app, the makeup selections did not blend well with our faces to create a natural makeup look. The app wasn’t able to create that smooth and clean effect. However, we love the idea and look forward to future improvements where the effects can look more realistic :-)

Funky 3D Designs for Your Nails

Screen shot 2014-10-14 at 3.49.13 PM

Getting bored with your usual manicured nails? Are you ready for a high tech nail art treatment that is edgy and chip-free? We are! We are sure more ladies would love to sport this hot new nail trend created by Sarah C. Awad with Dhemerae Ford, both digital artists based in New York. The Laser Girls is the product of these geniuses. Designs are all computerized and the 3D effect uses both plastic and brass. This press-on nails fashion is printed in 3D and it’s very easy to apply. At one point these works of art were featured at the Museum of Art and Design in NYC.

Sephora’s Color Match Device


One concern of many women is finding the best make-up foundation that perfectly matches their skin tone. Mismatched foundation is truly troublesome and expensive! In broad daylight, uneven skin color on your face can be greatly noticeable. And in this selfie and photo networking age, the glow of the camera’s flash could ruin the smile on your face. These are just the issues that you would encounter if you use the wrong type of foundation.

Introducing Sephora Color IQ skin matching device, a new age beauty tool is the ultimate solution to the age-old problem of mismatched foundation. Sephora color match device can perfectly find the best foundation for your skin type. This handheld high tech skin tone analysis gadget will scan the surface of your skin and then provide you the best foundation that will perfectly match your skin tone. Gone are the days of foundation guessing game since Sephora got you covered. An assigned Color IQ number will be your guide in matching your tone with your foundation. It is all about science and innovative procedure that produces perfect results all the time. Head out to your nearest Sephora store and ask for a free Color IQ analysis- this time you can never go wrong with your foundation.

Sony KW1 Make-Up Camera| A Must For All Selfie Addicts


Sony already unveiled its latest camera offering in China with complete respect to the camera conscious people. The Sony KW1 is nicely presented in a perfume bottle shape phone design, and it is intended to please all selfie addicts and self promoters. It is loaded with innovative features that will help users look their best in every camera shoot. If you are one of the many who goes gaga on self-centric camera photographs, then this cute camera gadget will be your best beauty device. The new Sony KW1 may come in a hefty price tag, but it is packed with make-up effect features that can smooth out your skin, change your skin color, eliminate shiny areas and even give a digital facelift for a perfect selfie all the time. Now you can enjoy more of your selfie moments.

Ladies, it is time to update your look. So go ahead and let your futuristic beauty shines through beyond the ordinary.

Dotfully Yours!