Bizarre Beauty Trends Part 2

Hi Dotties! Time for part 2 of bizarre beauty trends, and as you know, makeup and creativity naturally go hand in hand. The world is full of amusements so is the beauty industry. With today’s fast paced advancements in science and technology seeping into the beauty world, one can expect the most mind-boggling transformations through the use of just a few products and tools. Let’s have a look at them one by one.

The Bee Venom Beauty Secret

Bee Venom

The name itself suggests the most unconventional face mask for beauty. While we often associate bee venom with feelings of fear and anxiety, the idea of applying this substance to the face was not as off-putting as most would have assumed. In fact, some individuals, to a certain extent, went “crazy” for the concept of bee venom used as a beauty solution. The by-product, or the excreta of bees, is helpful in increasing the collagen production and elastin for healthy glowing skin. Speaking of the effects of the treatment, it is believed that bee venom, when used as a mask, diminishes the appearnce wrinkles by making the face tight. For example, ApiNourish‘s Manuka Doctor, sold at Sephora, is formulated to leave skin feeling rejuvenated and more youthful.

This type of skincare therapy sparked great interest among a plethora of high profiled celebrities because of its many purposes. In a world where looking glamorous and gorgeous everyday is well sought after, bee venom products are best for their anti-aging properties. Queen of hearts, Kate Middleton, fell in love with this treatment when it made her skin look great. Although being a mother to one-year-old baby is an endless job, she still looks radiant and ravishing.

The idea of putting venom on your face doesn’t sound so scary after all. Does it?

The Slow and Steady Snake Facial

Snake Facial

The idea of having snakes on your face may undoubtedly give you chills down your spine and goose bumps on your arms. However, you will be shocked to learn that snake facials can be reliable alternatives to Botox injections.

The venom secreted by snakes has the ability to freeze muscles, which makes for a wonderful anti-aging nub. Keeping jargons aside, in layman’s terms, snake facials can make your skin wrinkle free by diminishing all the fine lines and giving a smooth complexion without the need of Botox injections.

This anti-aging treatment has become very popular with A-list celebs like Kate Moss, Victoria Beckham, Gwyneth Paltrow and Katie Holmes are expressing their praises for this miraculous beauty treatment.

People are reluctant to go for snake facials considering snakes are potentially life-threatening creatures. However, an in depth knowledge of the same shall allow you to welcome its use.

 Red Wine – Buy a Drink for Your Skin


Red wine has an excellent skin softening effect. Not only can you drink the wine, but you can also have a wine shower.

Like any other antioxidant, red wine too contains good and beneficial antioxidant. Wine extracts remove dead skin cells, and Polyphenol provides vitality for healthy skin. Before you go slathering red wine all over your face, check out Innisfree’s Wine Peeling Jelly Softener and Wine Peeling Jelly Scrub. These products can transform your dull complexion to an instant glow. This way you can look fabulous without the mess and stains. Both cofounders at Dotfully have personally tried it and loved it!!

So remember, next time you have another reason to enjoy the drink.

Drink to Your Beauty

Screen Shot 2014-11-18 at 12.19.26 PM

The drinking doesn’t stop! Soft drinks these days claim to have good effects on your looks too. A couple years back, Coca Cola came up with a formula in their new soft drink, Beautific Oenobiol, which could help strengthen hair, nails and provide skin glow. Not only this, but the drink also claimed to have no calorie sweetener.

More recently, we have been noticing more brands following this trend. Check out Skinade that claims to boost collagen, making your skin feel more hydrated and plump; and Decium’s The Molecules, one of the winners for Cosmopolitan Magazine’s 2014 Cosmo Beauty Awards. . Amongst their line of products, there’s The Beauty Molecule drink, which contains Resveratrol and Hyaluronic Acid to promote beauty, youth, and overall health. Then there’s also the Happy Molecule drink, which is “packed with the anti-stress complex, coined GABA Curcumin complex” and is designed to “counteract the effects of chronic and short-term stress.” It tastes great and is suppose to make you feel relaxed and better. Less stress equals fewer pimples! Then again, an extra hour of sleep can probably achieve the same results :-)

So this was all from the most out-of-the-box make up and beauty ideas. Happy reading and share your bizarre beauty trends!

Dotfully Yours <3