Beauty Trends – A Random Thought

Hello Dotties!

Today I would like to share with you how I predict beauty trends. As a fellow fashion and makeup lover, I personally pay close attention to fashion looks on the runways, fashion magazines, and insights from fashion week. After all, if I see what the trend will be in clothing, I can predict what kind of eye shadow colors will go well with that “it” colored dress. I believe makeup goes hand in hand with fashion.  So here is my insight. Below are fashion magazine covers that I collected in 2007 (before recession).

 Now compare that to the magazines of 2008-09 (during recession).

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If you look at the fashion magazine covers of 2007, it was very flashy and glittery. If you look at the colors in 2009, it was very simple and toned down. Perhaps, it was a response to the economic recession. Well into the Depression back then, bright colors were replaced with more toned down shades. As the decade came to a close, magazines and clothing trends began to feature colors in deep saturated tones. In beauty back then, women desired the “boyish” look, which was quite contradictory to today’s world, where women desires to amplify their physical features. Dramatic makeup was considered disgraceful, whereas today, the bolder the sexier.  In the 1940’s, World War II brought soil-hiding khaki and olive green, and then brighter colors started to return after the war. It was pretty evident that the political and social influences of the time kept colors relatively restrained.

Speaking of beauty trends, women would often wear their hair short with soft curls. Rollers were popular and fair complexions were desirable. Women at that time viewed the trend as simple and elegant.  1950’s brought pretty pastel colors and led the way with striking colors such as flamingo pink and turquoise as an optimistic expression for America’s continuing prosperity, fashion, and design. As the economy grew stronger, colors grew more intense as well. We’re definitely much more toned down in 2009, when recession hit, than 2007, which was before recession and the whole housing bubble burst. Furthermore, if you look at consumer brands, every brand was going for simple look. Let’s think outside of fashion and makeup for a second. 

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In 2007, Best Buy‘s logo was flashy and bright yellow. In 2009, Best Buy’s logo was more mature and serious looking, which I believe was in response to the economy at that time. So what’s my point?  My point is that similar to fashion trends, beauty trends also follow people’s attitude in the economy. Good news is that this year, glitter and flashy is “in” again. It’s pretty obvious if you are to look at Sephora’s catalogs, metallic colors and glittery looks are emphasized. I have been noticing that in many fashion magazines, there is usually an article or two that would teach readers how to wear glitter. In fact, just 8 hours ago, Refinery29 wrote about a shimmering, sheer metallic, eyeshadow trend, called the “Watery Eye” eyeshadow trend. 

So what does all this suggest? Perhaps the indication that our economy is on the rise? 

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